If you're looking for the comfort of carpet, you'll want to consider how much wear the room is going to get and how much you want in stain protection. We have everything to fit your needs and budget. We have a large selection of Mohawk carpet along with Shaw and others. Looking for carpet tile? We've got that too!

Picking the right carpet for your home

  • Consider who spends time in your home. Don't forget to include visitors and pets.
  • Taking into account your lifestyle and the daily use of your floors, consider how much investment you're willing to make for durability, cleanability, and stain resistance.
  • If you or a family member suffers from allergies, make a note to shop for caret with the CRI Green Label Plus logo.
  • Make note or take pictures of your existing paint, fabrics, and adjacent flooring.
  • Determine which carpet fiber will perform best for you such as polyester for stain resistance, nylon for durability, or Triexta for both.
  • Determine which padding will be best for the carpet in your home, keeping in mind that the more you invest in padding, the longer your carpet will last.
  • Figure in carpet price, padding cost, installation cost, and any additional fees to create a realistic budget and accurately compare products.
  • Schedule a pre-measuring with Faulk's and/or come in to the store to see what we've got.

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