What type of countertops are you looking for?

Countertops are often the centerpiece of the kitchen, especially for decor matching. But these surfaces do so much more, with durable, long-lasting options. No matter your needs, you'll find fantastic choices that cater to them.

As you browse the many opportunities, keep your requirements in mind. If you need durability, you'll want to look at specific materials. There are plenty of options for all needs, so you're sure to find a good fit.

Granite countertops could be your best match

As an all-natural material, granite countertops offer impressive durability. Scratch and chip resistance is outstanding, especially for such an affordable product. Heat resistance is another significant benefit that granite offers for oven-to-counter serving.

Granite does demand proper sealing, and they'll need to be resealed once a year. You'll find excellent stain resistance and easy cleaning if you meet this condition. Each granite piece is unique, so no two counters will look the same.

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You might find a perfect fit in quartz countertops

One of the most sought-after benefits of any countertop is non-porous surfaces. And that's just what you'll find when you choose quartz countertops. You won't have to seal and reseal them to get the special stain protection you want and need.

These durable surfaces are easy to maintain, giving you more peace of mind. You'll even find heat and scratch resistance, even with daily use. And be sure to consider the outstanding visuals, including a wealth of color choices.

Installing your countertops is essential to us

Once you choose your materials, we'll tell you everything about your installation. We'll take measurements, offer an estimate, and set a date to begin the installation. If you have questions about your countertops, this is a great time to ask.

We'll also tell you how to best care for these surfaces. Some materials need more maintenance than others. We'll be happy to offer suggestions for cleaners and supplies as well.
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