Hardwood (& Engineered Hardwood)

One of the most popular flooring types today, wood is a beautiful option. If chosen and cared for properly, wood floors can last for decades. However, it’s important to know which wood products are suited for various environments—even within the same house. 

Your choice in wood flooring ranges from solid wood, engineered wood, and even laminate wood flooring

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Choosing the right hardwood

When choosing the right hardwood, consider the following:

1. Who spends time in your home? Don't forget to consider visitors and pets.

2. Taking into account your household and the daily use of your floors, rank the importance of wear resistance, longevity, and stain resistance.

3. Look at your environment. Does your hardwood need protection from humidity, moisture, sun exposure, or other elements?

4. Determine whether you prefer a solid hardwood, engineered hardwood, or laminate (RevWood).

5. Identify your decorating style and consider all existing paint, fabrics, and adjacent flooring.

6. Figure in hardwood price, trims and accessories, installation, and additional fees to create a realistic budget.

7. Schedule a pre-measure with Faulk's or come in to visit us at the store and see all our selection of wood flooring.

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